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Improved Efficiency Pays Off for You.

Conventional plates allow most fluids to flow directly from one port to the other, with a reduction of flow on the far side; meaning more plates are needed.

-Even fluid flow over the entire width, making full use of the area, and increasing efficiency with fewer plates. 

Broad Selection Means the Right Heat Exchanger for your Needs.

The wide variety of sizes and plate shapes allows the design to exactly match your operating requirements.

  • Sizes range from 2 sq/ft to over 30,000 sq/ft of total heat transfer surface.
  • Connection sizes start at 2” up to and including 20”.
  • Liquid volume flow ranges up to 20,000 gallons per minute.
  • Design pressure of up to 300 psig (higher on request) and operating temperature of up to 350°F (420°F in exceptional cases).
  • Your choice of plate materials includes 316 and 304 Stainless Steel, C-276, titanium, Titanium-Palladium and many others. Almost any material can be processed due to modern production facilities and well thought-out tool design.
  • Extensive range of gasket materials.

Easy Maintenance Minimizes Equipment Down Time.

Tools-free gasket attachment system makes gasket and plate replacement easier and ensures a perfect fit of the gasket and plate pack, so that maintenance is quick and convenient.

Unlike conventional designs that rely just on the upper and lower beams for alignment, Posloc adds self-alignment leadins that cause the plates to self-align as you tighten the pressure plates after maintenance.  This provides a stable, perfectly aligned plate pack, with gaskets positioned quickly and precisely.


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