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BP Series Oil Cooler

BPCH Series

Hydraulic Oil Cooler


Stainless steel brazed plate coolers for various applications.
  Water-to-Oil Cooling  
  - Stainless Steel Construction - Corrosion Resistant TYPE 316
  - Stacked Plate - Mounting Studs Standard
  - Copper Brazed - SAE Oil Connections
  - High Performance - NPT Water Connections
  - Compact Design - Optional Mounting Bracket
  - SAE Connections - Nicke/Chrome Options

  Maximum Temp: 350 F at 450psi
  Maximum Pressure: 450psi
  Test Pressure: 600psi
  Plate Material: 316L Stainless
  Braze Material: Copper Standard
  Stud Bolts: 304 Stainless
  F/B Pressure Plates: 304 Stainless
  Connectors: 304 Stainless
  Foot Brackets: 304 Stainless

Notes: When ordering, add description of all four connections (sweat or Male Pipe Thread MPT and size).
Some applications may require that the In and Out connections be reversed. Consult factory for recommendations.
BP Overview
Quotes & Ordering Information: Thermal Transfer BPCH Series, please contact us: 1-888-226-8522
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